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Dig your Own Christmas Tree and visit Santa.

From late November you are able to visit the farm to dig your own Christmas tree.

We grow a wide variety of trees and are one of the few farms in the South East able to offer a 'Dig your own' service. Digging your own Christmas tree is a fun event for the whole family.

Weekends in December offer the chance to visit Santa deep within his Secret Forest. This is a real woodland walk through our enchanted Christmas tree forest. Along the walk you will meet an assortment of Santa’s friends and helpers. The walk ends with an unforgettable visit to Santa in his log cabin.

Late November

Visit Santa

Christmas Trees

We grow 4 types of Christmas tree on the farm each with their own characteristics. No variety of Christmas tree is inherently ‘non drop’ the rate of needle drop experienced is much more a reflection on how fresh the tree is. Cheaper trees can be cut months before Christmas and dry out, resulting in needle drop. With a quality, freshly cut tree you really get what you pay for.

Nordmann Fir. Nordmanns provide the classic Christmas tree shape. With it's dark green glossy foliage, this tree has become the favourite tree in many homes.

Norway Spruce. The classic Victorian tree, less bushy than a Nordmann Fir with thinner elegant branches well suited to displaying tree ornaments.

Blue Spruce. An interesting alternative, the blue spruce is a bushy tree similar in appearance to a Nordmann Fir but with a subtle blue hue.

Fraser Fir. A relatively new planting on the farm. Fraser fir trees have a good uniform pyramid shape. They carry a pleasing pine scent that is prized by some customers.

Potted trees.

We have a variety of potted trees available for sale in varying sizes up to 6 ft tall. Potted trees tend to retain their needles for longer but still suffer root damage as part of the potting process! We do not guarantee any potted tree will re-grow if replanted.

Buying your Christmas Tree

All of our pre cut Christmas trees are premium grade, freshly cut and displayed unwrapped on spikes so you can fully inspect the tree from all angles before you buy. Our staff wrap your tree for easy transport and help to load your car. The vast majority of trees will easily fit into most cars. We have a limited ability to deliver trees and can only deliver tree over 8 feet.

Digging your own tree!

We are one of the few farms in the South East where customers may visit to dig their own Christmas tree. This is a fun experience for the whole family and really adds to the magic of Christmas. For Health & Safety reasons you must visit the Christmas Tree cabin for instructions before attempting to cut a tree.

  1. For Health and Safety reasons, trees over 8 feet high may not be cut by customers.
  2. Dig your own is only available during daylight hours, you will not be allowed to cut after dusk.
  3. Please bring your own saw if you can. We have saws available to borrow but these are limited in number and at busy times you may have to wait for a saw to be returned.
  4. Customer are not allowed to bring or use Chainsaws on the farm.
  5. Christmas trees are priced by variety and height. Please visit the Christmas tree cabin before cutting to familiarise yourself with our pricing structure. By cutting your own tree, you are agreeing to pay for whatever you cut down.
  6. We cannot provide assistance in digging or cutting your own tree. If our staff are required to do so then the higher 'Pre cut' price will apply.

Caring for your tree

Caring for your Christmas Tree correctly will prolong its life and reduce needle drop. Cared for properly, all Christmas trees sold from the farm should last up to and beyond Christmas Day.

  1. Needle drop is caused when the tree dries out after being cut. The most effective way to prolong your trees life is to display it in a traditional reservoir type stand, keeping it topped up with water.
  2. Once home it is best to stand your tree in water as soon as possible. Store it somewhere cool until you are ready to start decorating.
  3. Keep your tree away from direct heat sources, placing your tree next to radiators and other heat sources will only hasten needle drop.
  4. Please keep your receipt. Christmas trees are perishable goods and like cut flowers, will suffer needle loss over time. In the unlikely event your tree suffers heavy needle loss we cannot offer a replacement tree without proof of purchase. Any offer of a replacement tree is offered at our discretion.